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8k - PayWhatYouWant
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8k - PayWhatYouWant

The first agency in the world where you pay for the design what you think it is worth.

No matter how many calumets you smoke, you will never find a better deal.
What is PWYW

Pay What You Want is a payment system where the client decides how much the service or the product is worth. If you are happy, you can pay a lot, but if you are not, you can pay less. A minimum price may sometimes be set, but customers usually have the freedom to decide: from a paltry sum to a serious amount of money.

The PWYW system is currently being used by restaurants (e.g. One World Everybody Eats), game distributors (e.g. Valve) and software developers (e.g. Adblock). In Poland, a similar system is currently used by two theaters: Pure reFORM in Krakow and The Second Area in Warsaw. Then there’s us, probably the first interactive agency in the world to introduce PWYW.


You must think that giving people the power to decide our prices is like jumping in at the deep end. Possibly, but we do so for 3 specific reasons:

We are very curious as to how customers value our work, without beating around the bush and without the pressure from a pre-determined price list.


Each collaboration requires clearly defined rules. Without these, things can end badly. Sometimes even really badly.


You decide how much to pay for our work. Be it 5 digits or 1 US dollar, making this the best offer you will probably ever see.


We are prisoners of your generosity, but you should know that even the convicted has some rights. One of them is the explanation of the verdict. So you will need to explain why you are paying what you are paying.


We will operate until further notice. It could be a few months, maybe years or perhaps until the end of the world.


Want some drafts from us? We first have to receive a brief from you. You can download a template here: "Hire us!".


You will probably only get one design. But the design will be as good as it should be. We usually do not change our drafts but if you have some interesting suggestions, we can make it possible.


We have full rights in choosing assignments because we only want those that give us opportunities to blow your mind.


We can transfer copyrights to you, if requested, but we prefer that you do not alter our projects. See rule 5 as to why.


We only do one design per company at a time. If you need a few different designs, you are welcome, but we have to complete your current project first.

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Hire us!

We can do anything you want (in advertising, that is) but we unfortunately cannot offer all kinds of stuff in the PWYW system. So what exactly can you order and pay what you want?


Interested to order? Do it in 3 steps:

1. Download the brief
2. Fill in the necessary details
3. Send us an e-mail: biuro@8k.com.pl

Do not hesitate. This is the best offer in the world (perhaps even in the universe)! But remember: no brief = no work!
Remember! No brief = no work!

Interested in our previous works?

Take a look here and enjoy!

We have already completed 94 projects in the PWYW system

At the moment, the average payment for one design in US dollars is:


Had a look, read everything but still do not quite get it? Or maybe you have a question or a business proposal for us instead? Whatever the reason, please feel free to contact us. What are you waiting for? Do it now!

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